On this path no effort is ever wasted, And there is no failure. Even a little effort Towards awareness will protect you from the greatest of your fears. – Bhagavad Gita, 2:40

One to One

Justine offers private or small group sessions at your home or workspace. Private classes can be helpful in many situations, for example:

  1. You are completely new to yoga and want a bit of confidence and to feel safe before trying out a class.
  2. You are working with a specific injury or health condition. Yoga can be adapted and helpful for so many conditions. I have taught privately for students with hip, back, shoulder injuries and chronic conditions, MS, ME, heart disease depression and anxiety, recovering from cancer, heart attack.
  3. For regular students who want to develop a particular aspect of their practice, it may be a particular pose or two, or backbending poses, or meditation, for example.
  4. For people who have had a break from yoga and want to kick start their practice again.
  5. For students whose schedules make it difficult to attend a regular class.

What are the benefits:

  • Yoga sessions designed for your specific needs with appropriate modifications and at a pace that is right for you at that time.
  • Increased skill and confidence to take with you to group classes if desired.
  • Self-practice routines and videos so that you can home practice confidently to make even faster progress.
  • Pricing per hour starts from £45 1:1 reducing to £30 per person for 2, £20 per person for 3, and £15 per person for 4, with discounts available for packages.

Workplace Yoga

Do you feel that your workplace would be so much better if people could just take a more relaxed attitude? Do you feel tensions rising too often and see people getting frazzled? This is one reason why so many leading companies have implemented yoga and meditation sessions in the workplace. If it didn’t make sense in terms of productivity and performance indicators, it wouldn’t be happening.

So here’s what it can offer:

  • Offer colleagues a way to interact and encourage good communication away from work or the pub.
  • Set up for an effective afternoon with a positive focused frame of mind, without caffeine and chocolate bars.
  • Relieves stress, and improves long term wellbeing, factors in absenteeism.
  • Great for posture, toning and flexibility, counteracting the day of hunching over the desk/computer.
  • Encourages more measured responsiveness rather than frazzled reactivity in workplace interactions and with clients.

Pricing per hour ranges from £60 – £120 depending on location, requirements and number of participants.