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Awesome Movement – Key Lessons from Neuroscience


We can all enhance our lives and experience more joy through moving better.

Whatever point we are at now, we can always explore pathways to greater strength, agility, sustainable energy, and a sense of connected, graceful movement. AND hone our ability to relax and find space and peace in our bodies.

This has to be a smart way to use our time, right?

I don’t believe it needs to be complicated, or require blood, sweat and tears. In fact, skilful movement practice is by definition enjoyable.

You can massively boost your yoga and movement skills, and enjoyment of all that you do in everyday life, by understanding how to apply some cutting edge neuroscience to all your movement.  Working specifically on movement skills and the kind of  body awareness we cultivate in yoga are what keeps us moving and feeling well,  with less niggles and problems in the long term.

So,  in two and half hours of valuable self care time, we will explore neuroscience-informed movement including  developmental & foundational movements, explorations which involve play, experimentation, novelty, graded adaptations and understating the importance of avoiding pain, threat and fatigue. We will apply some of these concepts to traditional yoga movement patterns – yoga poses and flowing sequences, and see what happens….

Come with an open mind, ready to move in every which way your body can, nudging your boundaries of movement possibility and your capacity to feel as free as a child.