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You don’t need to have taken Part 1. We will be revisiting the key concepts but with a different set of prep work and yoga postures, . If you did do Part 1, this will be a brilliant way to embed the concepts further.

A Sunday morning dynamic practice which explores how we integrate strength with mobility in a yoga practice to support a healthy , balanced  body capable of a broad range of movement. Our aim, after all, is not to make yoga pose shapes for the sake of it,  but to enjoy moving well in our everyday lives, hopefully with strength, fluidity and ease, well into out later years! 

We will explore how strength training, functional movement and mobility exercises can be integrated into a yoga practice to make it more sustainable and progressive, without losing the mindful awareness that makes  your movement practice ‘yoga’.

In   a lot of yoga around these days, the focus is on continuous movement or flow, ‘stretching’ and the achievement of poses which require some extreme ranges of motion in the joints. Flow yoga can mean moving at a pace at which it may be hard to feel whether you are straining or not, potentially moving into a range of motion without adequate supportive strength. Overemphasis on stretching can result in imbalances in the body which, if not supported by adequate strength awareness, can lead to problems in the long term.

We will explore how you can easily integrate simple strength and mobility practices to create more balanced actions in yoga poses.

As always, modifications and progressive layers of movement will be offered so that you practice in the most helpful and appropriate way for your own body. We will end with wonderfully opening and relaxing restorative yoga.

14 Places. £25.  Pre-booking required, Booking open.