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Qualified Yoga Teacher

Justine is a qualified yoga teacher with 16 years of dedicated practice and eight years full time teaching experience.  She trained at triyoga in London, a leading centre of excellence, later working there as an assistant on the teacher training.  She completed restorative yoga teacher training in 2011 and meditation immersive study in 2015 and 2016, most recently with Michael Stone. She continues to study and practice with her mentors from triyoga, Anna Ashby and Joey Miles. For the last seven years she has been teaching yoga and meditation full time, logging over 2500 hours teaching, including group classes, workshops and retreats, in Sussex, London and internationally. She is dedicated to sharing the transformational practices of yoga in an enjoyable, supportive and accessible way.

Key Trainings

  • 200-hour British Wheel of Yoga accredited yoga teacher training at triyoga in London 2007-2009, , graduating with distinction, with Anna Ashby, Joey Miles, Carlos Pomeda and Chris Swain.  Later assisting on the 2009-11 teacher training.
    Restorative yoga teacher training 2011 with Anna Ashby.
  • Meditation teacher training with Sally Kempton in 2015, with Michael Stone in 2016.
    Regular CPD teacher intensives and workshops  2007-2016 with many experienced teachers, including: Olivier David, Doug Keller, Emil Wendell , Alaric Newcombe, Sally Kempton, Seane Corne, Jason Crandell, Matthew Sweeney, Bo Forbes, Desiree Rumbaugh, Andrea Markham.
  • Other Qualifications – BA (Hons) Oxon, Japanese, MA London (SOAS). Worked in Japanese related jobs in the public, private and voluntary sector until 2007.
Justine Rowan - UK Yoga Teacher

Thank you for stopping by and welcome!

I am a yoga and meditation teacher, mother of two teenagers, passionate about engaging with people about our collective power to create a healthier, happier, fairer ways of living. Which starts with ourselves of course…..

I teach yoga classes, I practice yoga and meditation and I study yoga   – anatomy and alignment, teaching methods, Buddhist dharma, neuroscience….. When I am not doing that, I am a homebody at heart – I look after my two teenage kids, have many a cuppa with friends, take long walks up the South Downs where I live and work in my garden. I like to be a part of what’s going on in my town community and to get out into all the arty craziness that goes on in Brighton.

I teach yoga because I get a huge amount of enjoyment and satisfaction from connecting with people in a down-to-earth way. We leave aside all the everyday stuff of what we do for a living, what real-life dramas are going on, and just get down to moving and breathing with attention, exploring how to make the body stronger and more easeful, how to slow down and find a more relaxed and quiet space within yourself.  To me, yoga is a way we explore connecting to our bodies, undoing patterns of tension, developing flexibility, resilient strength and balanced energy.  Via the challenges of the physical yoga, we practise the essential qualities of being patient, vulnerable, courageous, accepting, kind, and honest.  I believe we all need ways to come back from distraction and really pay attention to how we feel and what is going on in our own body-mind, our lives and in our wider world.  Yoga might be one way we can become inspired to live from our interconnectedness and to take skilful action.

I love teaching people of all ages and in all stages in life, and I love facilitating the ‘shift’ – from active to restorative poses, from focus on the body in poses to sitting quietly in meditation, from a full vibrant class of activity to the stillness of a room of people in savasana, final rest pose.  It is a positive motivation for me to see people get up from practice  and, just as I do, move on renewed and grateful for that time and space,  perhaps with more confidence to go out and respond with a little more  openness and  ‘presence of mind’. In this way, I feel that Yoga helps to take us deeper into ourselves and our lives.

Calm, Supportive & Focused

Justine was initially inspired by the Ashtanga and Iyengar traditions, both of which she practised for many years as an antidote to a distracted, anxiety prone personality, usually trying to get too much done. She found it helped.

  • Justine offers carefully sequenced classes with precise alignment instruction and breath awareness, to awaken the physical body and cultivate mindful presence on and off the mat.  Rather than simply lead a class through a sequence of poses, her aim is for students to take away an understanding of specific alignment principles to be able to practice poses safely and confidently in a progressive way, adjusted to individual needs.  Her classes are a balance between mindfully flowing through poses and also selectively focusing on specific actions and breaking down movements to integrate deeper understanding.
  • Justine creates a calm, supportive and focused space where students can enjoy exploring the poses with full effort, creating more ease, strength and flexibility in the body, and with everyone benefiting from a positive and friendly group energy. She also specialises in Restorative yoga and Meditation and integrates these practices into her classes.
  • Justine relates the philosophical and psychological teachings of yoga to the physical postural practice and to everyday life. Her teaching is down-to-earth and lighthearted – She keeps digressions short but feels a laugh ought to find its way into class. In her teaching, the physical practices are a doorway to the inner experience of yoga, cultivating physical and mental integration, equanimity and a sense of wider connection. Students often say that they leave her classes feeling energised, centred and joyful.
Justine Holding a Yoga Class